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3. Comments on initial Cranbrook Plan DPD consultation

Comments made at the first stage of consultation, which closed on the 7 August 2015, can be viewed below:

Please click on the Representor name to open the representation document. Each Representor number will link to a separate document.

There are gaps in the list of Representor Numbers as a unique database number is attributed to any individual or organisation that makes a comment on any planning policy consultation document produced or who wishes to be advised of consultations that are being undertaken. Not all people/organisations on the database comment on any given document.

(Listed in Representor Number Order)

28 - Dr M Hall, Chairman, East Devon CPRE

124 - Mr M Dunn, South West Water 

164 - Mr G Parsons, Sport England

305 - Mr E Moffatt, Diocese of Exeter

508 - Mr Le Riche, Clerk, Lympstone Parish Council

521 - Mr M Calder, National Trust

521 - National Trust - The Killerton Estate: Opportunities arising from the Exeter and East Devon Growth Point - A Prospectus for Action

526 - Mr I Lings, Woodland Trust

540 - Mono Consultants Ltd on behalf of Mobile Operators Association

553 - Mr O Varney, Equality and Human Rights Commission

595 - Hilary Winter, Devon Countryside Access Forum

949 - Mr C Twitchett, Office of Rail and Road Regulation

3209 - Mr N Freer, David Lock Associates on behalf of East Devon New Community Partners (EDNCp)

3712 - Mr M Salmon, Environment Agency

6737 - Mr J Keech, Devon County Council

6741 - Honiton Town Council

6929 - C Baxter, BEA Group

7007 - Mr G Gibson, Network Rail

7040 - Devon Senior Voice

7169 - Bilfinger GVA on behalf of Skypark Development Partnership (SDP)

7188 - Mr A Wheatland

7190 - Bell Cornwell on behalf of Cranbrook LVA LLP

7194 - Mr P Smith

7195 - Mr Alan G. Lascelles

7343 - PCL Planning Ltd on behalf of Waddeton Park Limited