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13. Cranbrook Plan Examination

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Following receipt of a final report from the Planning Inspector Mrs Janet Wilson BA (Hon) BTP MRTPI DMS, the Cranbrook Plan was adopted on the 19 October 2022.  Full details of the adopted Plan and supporting documents can be found here.


Plan examination documents

Details of the Plan’s examination as set out below remain available but are for reference only:

In advance of the relevant hearing sessions Guidance Notes (Stage 1) and (Stage 2) were prepared by the Inspector to help people understand the process


Hearing Sessions Venue and Timetable

Stage 1 Hearing Sessions commenced at 10.00am on Tuesday 21 January 2020 within the Council Offices, Blackdown House, Border Road, Heath Park Industrial Estate, Honiton, EX14 1EJ.


Stage 1 Hearings Programme

Stage 2 Hearings took place virtually through Zoom between the 16th and 20th of November 2020.

Stage 2 Hearings Programme

Planning Inspectorate Privacy Notice

East Devon District Council Privacy Notice

Matters, Issues and Questions for Stage 1 and Stage 2 have been produced by the Inspector. The issues and questions provide a broad structure for the hearing discussions.


Evidence Base Documents


In preparing the Plan the Council both refer to and were informed by a number of documents that together form the 'Evidence Base' for the Examination.  These documents can be accessed through the link below:

Evidence Base Documents


Post Submission Documents

Occasionally, it will be necessary for the Inspector to write to us to offer procedural direction or to seek clarification, and also for the Council to write to the Inspector.

Correspondence between the Inspector and ourselves is exchanged through the Programme Officer. For transparency and information purposes procedural correspondence is published below:

PSD1 - EDC - Section 20(7c) Modifications Letter
PSD2 - Application Summary November 2019
PSD2 - Appendix B1 - 15-0045 Parameters Plan
PSD2 - Appendix B2 - 19-0554 Location Plan
PSD2 - Appendix B3 - 19-0620 Parameters Plan
PSD2 - Appendix C1 - 14-2945 Site Location Plan
PSD2 - Appendix C2 - 14-2945 Layout Plan
PSD2 - Appendix C3 - 15-0047 Parameters Plan
PSD2 - Appendix C4 - 19-1430 Location Plan
PSD2 - Appendix T1 - 15-0046 Parameters Plan
PSD2 - Appendix T2 - 17-1482 Parameters Plan
PSD2 - Appendix T3 - 17-1483 Location Plan
PSD2 - Appendix T4 - 17-1483 Layout Plan
PSD2 - Appendix W1 - 12-0754 Location Plan
PSD2 - Appendix W2 - 12-0754 Layout Plan
PSD2 - Appendix W3 - 14-0300 Layout Plan
PSD2 - Appendix W4 - 14-0300 Location Plan
PSD2 - Appendix W5 - 16-1826 Location Plan
PSD2 - Appendix W6 - 16-1826 Layout Plan
PSD2 - Appendix W7 - 18-2588 Location Plan
PSD3 - Clarification Questions from the Inspector to EDC
PSD4 - EDDC response to PSD3
PSD5 - Adopted East Devon Local Plan
PSD6 - Report of Examination into the East Devon Local Plan
PSD7 – Schedule of Modifications
PSD8 - Viability Statement of Common Ground
PSD9 - IDP costs schedule Rev 3 050220
PSD10 - IDP equalisation Rev 3 050220
PSD11 - IDP Row 30 Evidence
PSD12 - IDP - Open Space details
PSD13 - DCC Information 5.2.20 for Cranbrook Infrastructure Delivery Plan
PSD14 - Inspector's Statement on Viability Session
PSD15 - Cranbrook Viability Counsel's Note
PSD16 - Inspector's Letter to Council on Viability
PSD17 - EDDC Letter to Inspector re Progress Update
PSD18 - Inspector's Response to PSD17
PSD19 - Council's Letter to Viability Participants
PSD20 - Covering letter from the Council (27/7/20)
PSD21A - Cranbrook Updated Viability Report
PSD21B - East Devon Cranbrook Updated Viability Appendices
PSD22 - Land budget Technical Notes
PSD23A - DAT Cranbrook 4000 dwellings (Excel appraisal tool)
PSD23B - DAT Cranbrook 170 dwellings (Excel appraisal tool) (withdrawn)
PSD23C - Letter to Inspector
PSD23D - DAT self build scheme v1 15Jul20 (002)
PSD24 - Infrastructure Delivery Plan July 2020
PSD25 - Response to matters raised by the Inspector
PSD26 - Devon County Council revised public transport request
PSD27 - Gypsy and Traveller Cranbrook Paper including SA
PSD28 - Stage 2 Questions
PSD29 - Stage 2 Guidance Notes
PSD30 - The HCA Area Wide Viability Model: Annex 1 - Transparent Viability Assumptions
PSD31 - Cranbrook Primary Education Provision DPD Examination: Briefing Paper
PSD32 - Post Hearing Letter to Inspector from EDDC 261120
PSD33 - Inspector's Interim letter to EDDC 200121
PSD33A - East Devon DC Clarification Questions following Inspector's Post Hearing Note
PSD 33B - Inspector's Response to East Devon DC's Clarification Questions 220121
PSD 34 - EDDC letter 05.06.21
PSD 35 - Infrastructure Delivery Plan June 2021 rev a
PSD 36 - Viability Report Addendum 2021
PSD 37 - Viability critique (Vickery Holman)
PSD 38A - Test 1 Higher build returns and finance 23Mar21
PSD 38B - Test 2 Higher build returns and finance 23Mar21
PSD 38C - Test 3 Higher Returns 23Mar21
PSD 38D - Test 4 Higher Returns and finance 23Mar21
PSD 38E - Test 5 Higher return and build cost 23Mar21
PSD 38F - Test 6 Higher return and build cost 12.5AH 23Mar21
PSD 38G - Test 7 Higher build 20 return and finance 15 AH 13May21
PSD 39A - Test A Return sens 1
PSD 39B - Test B Return sens 2
PSD 39C - Test C Aff return sens 1
PSD 39D - Test D Build cost sens test 1
PSD 39E - Test E Build cost sens test 2
PSD 39F - Test F Build cost sens test 3
PSD 39G - Test G Build cost sens test 4
PSD 39H - Test H Fin sens 1
PSD 39J - Test J Ah sens 2
PSD 39K - Test K Base 30m funding 1
PSD 40 - Inspector Letter to EDDC 020721
PSD 41 - Statement of Common Ground between EDDC and Persimmon Hallam. Taylor Wimpey Carden and Redrow
PSD 42 - EDDC Letter to Inspector 06.07.21 final
PSD 43 - Draft Main Mods Schedule Part 1
PSD 44A - Viability Submissions Response - Bell Cornwell for Cranbrook LVA LLP
PSD 44B - Viability Submissions Response - Devon CC
PSD 44C - Viability Submissions Response - DLA for Taylor Wimpey & Hallam Land Management
PSD 44D - Viability Submissions Response - Ed Smiddy
PSD 44E - Viability Submissions Response - LRM for Redrow Homes and Carden Group
PSD 44F - Viability Submissions Response - McMurdo Land Planning and Development for Stuart Partners Ltd
PSD 44G - Viability Submissions Response - Paul Smith
PSD 44H - Viability Submissions Response - Peter Boekman
PSD 44I - Viability Submissions Response - RPS for Persimmon Homes South West
PSD 45 - EDDC Letter to Inspector 13.9.21
PSD 46 - Inspector Letter to EDDC 28.09.21
PSD 47 - Inspector Letter to EDDC re WMS 250322