Guide Homeless or threatened with homelessness

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4. Make a homeless application

Do not delay

If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness please get in touch as soon as possible so that we can work together to resolve your housing issue.

The sooner we are made aware of your situation the sooner we can support you. Our priority is to prevent you from becoming homeless, wherever possible, in the first instance.

We can help with mediation if you have had a disagreement with your landlord or help you negotiate with your landlord if you have fallen into arrears or are experiencing other difficulties, in order to remain in your home.

If remaining in your existing accommodation is not possible we can assist you to secure alternative accommodation in the private sector with financial assistance from the Council's Rent Deposit Scheme if required. 

When you approach, initially you will be triaged by an officer who will make enquiries to verify your threat of homelessness, and your eligibility, then refer you to a Housing Officer for a Full Housing Assessment.

If you are homeless on the day, this will be completed the same day. 

Your Housing Officer, following completion of the Full Housing Assessment, will discuss what options may be suitable for you and produce a Personalised Housing Plan with agreed actions for them and you to take in order to prevent or relieve your homelessness at the earliest opportunity.

If you are homeless on the day, your assessment will help your Housing Officer to determine whether or not they have 'reason to believe you are in priority need' meaning the Council has a duty to provide you with S188 interim accommodation.

If you are already homeless but your Housing Officer, following their enquiries. does not believe you have a local connection to the East Devon district, they will complete a local connection referral to the area in which you do have a connection.