Guide Homeless or threatened with homelessness

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5. Prevention of homelessness

Rent Deposit Scheme

The Council operates a 'Rent Deposit Scheme' to help people secure alternative accommodation in the private sector in order to prevent and relieve homelessness.  The scheme consists of a 'guarantee bond' to cover the deposit and an interest free rent in advance loan.  Eligibility for this scheme will depend on individual circumstances, your Housing Officer will offer this option to you if appropriate.


Homemaker work in partnership with the Council who refer customers to Homemaker for affordability assessments on current or future private rented accommodation, they can give budgeting and benefit advice, and provide ongoing casework for more complex cases in financial difficulty.

Supported accommodation

Supported housing projects in the East Devon and Exeter area include (but not limited to) Alexandra House, Amber, YMCA, Esther Community, Morwenna Court, and Gabriel House.  Your Housing Officer will discuss suitable options with you and can refer you.

Floating support

Your housing officer can refer you to Santuary Supported Living for floating support including help with debts, finances, bills, finding and setting up a new tenancy, moving.

Devon Home Choice

Register to apply for social housing advertised in Devon.

The demand for social housing is much greater than the supply in this area, so even if you are a high priority it may take a long time to secure housing. Because of this we encourage all applicants to look at all housing options including; private rented, mutual exchange and shared ownership schemes.

Young Devon

Young Devon work in partnership with the Council to prevent and relieve homelessness for 16-24 year olds in East Devon.

Young People's Housing Advice

The Young People's Housing Advice site site is designed for young people, parents and practitioners within Devon to access information and advice with the aim of preventing youth homelessness. The site contains helpful information for young people and parents, up to date housing advice and legislation as well as filmed case studies and supported housing walkthroughs.