Policy Empty Homes Strategy

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8. Appendix Living Over The Shops Scheme (LOTS)


To assist towards the provision of social rented accommodation in the major towns within East Devon and working in partnership with East Devon Housing Service to utilise empty space above commercial premises.


Owners expressing an interest in this scheme within the major towns within East Devon will be visited to identify if the   accommodation is suitable for conversion, and discuss with the owner the leasing conditions of East Devon Housing Service.

Eligible work

Renovation, conversion and improvement works, following planning and building regulation consent to convert.

Financial Arrangements

Maximum amount of financial assistance is £10,000 per scheme.


An application form will be required to be completed and approved before works are commenced.

Two estimates for the work as stated in the schedule/list will be required as part of the estimate.

Planning and Building Regulation consent or agreements must be provided

A land registry search will be carried out at an appropriate cost to identify ownership of the property prior to approval of the grant - this amount will be deducted from the grant amount.


The budget will be available for 5 properties per annum and will be on a first come first served basis only. A waiting list will be compiled.

Payment provisions

Payments will be made on completion of the approved works and subject to the submission of appropriate invoices. 10% of applications will be selected for inspection of the relevant works.


Tenants will be households nominated via the Devon Home Choice lettings scheme.

Assistance subject to a letting for a minimum period of 3 years and the dwelling must remain available for letting for at least a further 2 years (i.e. Dwelling must remain within letting market for at least 5 years.)

The property must be occupied within 2 months completion.

The full level of assistance will become repayable on any breach of the above conditions i.e. a land charge requirement will apply.