Policy Empty Homes Strategy

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5. Summary

There are many challenges facing housing at present and our local situation reflects the national picture: demand for housing is high and supply of houses is low.  The previous Council Tax Reforms introduced on 1 April 2013, has had an impact, (although the size has not been researched), bring some properties back into use or owners have changed the banding to Second Home/Holiday Homes. Many of the very long term empty property are problem properties with one or more of the typical problems associated with this type of home.  Collaboration with other council departments is proving effective in tackling these problems and we will continue to build on these collaborative efforts.

Several of the most problematic long term empty properties have been bought back into use and all of these properties have either been transformed or are in the process of being transformed and all of these properties will provide a home for a family. 

We will continue to be fair, transparent and proportionate in our actions. 

6.0 Contact

If you wish to contact us about any issues to do with empty homes then please contact the Empty Homes Partnership Officer:

01395 571572

Write to

Empty Homes Partnership Officer,
Private Sector Housing,
East Devon District Council,
The Knowle,
Station Road,
Sidmouth EX10 8HL