Guide How to avoid dampness and mould from condensation

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5. The temperature of your home

Warm air holds more moisture than cooler air which is more likely to deposit droplets of condensation round your home. Heating one room to a high level and leaving other rooms cold makes condensation worse in the unheated rooms. That means it is better to have a medium-to-low level of heat throughout the house if possible. If you don’t have heating in every room, you could keep the doors of unheated rooms open to allow some heat into them.

To add extra heat to rooms without any form of installed heating it is better to use electric heaters (such as oil-filled radiators or panel heaters on a low setting. Portable gas heaters give out a lot of moisture whilst in use and are actually more expensive to use than electricity.

If you are struggling with the cost of heating then you can apply for assistance from the EDDC Hardship fund. You can apply for the fund using the online form.