Guide Improvements and adaptations

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1. Adaptations to council homes

If you are having difficulty managing in your home because of a disability or poor mobility we may be able to help. The types of adaptations that are available include:

  • hand and grab rails
  • lever taps
  • stairlifts
  • level entry showers
  • access ramps
  • alterations to doorways

If you think you could benefit from a ‘minor’ adaptation like lever taps or a grab rail please contact us.

If the work is ‘major’ such as a stairlift or a level access shower please contact social services at Care Direct, Devon County Council, on 0345 155 1007. If appropriate, Care Direct will be able to arrange a referral to the co-ordinator for your area, who will be able to advise you about getting an assessment by an occupational therapist.

All major adaptations require an assessment by an occupational therapist who will give us a ‘statement of need’. Once we have a recommendation from them we will consider whether the adaptation should be provided. We will inform you of the outcome and write to you within 21 days.

We don't provide adaptations to family housing where the tenant is under occupying the property or in flats above ground floor - other than in exceptional circumstances. Tenants in these properties who require such adaptations will be helped to transfer to smaller ground floor accommodation such as a bungalow or flat where their adaptation needs can be met.