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2. Buy a memorial tree

When people close to us pass away their friends and relatives will often want to commemorate them with a lasting memorial. This may be in the form of a tree which not only honours their memory but provides a beautiful beneficial improvement to the local environment.

East Devon District Council owns several green spaces that have outstanding views and scenery that are appropriate for memorial trees.


All of EDDC greenspaces can be considered by our Parks & Gardens team on a case by case basis. Please note, we can only plant memorial trees on land owned by EDDC and where there is an available space.

April 2024 - March 2025 prices

£273.00, which includes the consultation, the purchase and delivery of a memorial tree to the Council depot by the supplier, the delivery of the tree to the green space on the day of planting, the planting of the tree, stakes and ties and 6 months aftercare to help the tree to establish.

Memorial Tree Policy

Please read our detailed memorial tree policy before you apply.

Tree Planting Dates

Please note that we will only plant memorial trees in one of EDDC’s green spaces between October 31st and March 15th due to it being best to plant trees during their dormant period. This is also when site conditions are more favourable for planting.

You can still apply for a memorial tree outside of these dates. Once your application has been received, we will contact you to discuss your preferred location and tree genus/species.

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One of our Parks & Gardens officers will be in touch within 14 working days of your application to discuss.