Our dedicated teams care for our parks and gardens, doing all the grounds maintenance to keep your open spaces clean and green.

We have:  

  • 218 parks, gardens and open spaces owned by EDDC 
  • Cemeteries at Seaton, Sidbury and Sidmouth owned by EDDC as well 10 closed churchyards that Streetscene have the responsibility for the maintenance of. 
  • Bowling greens at Sidmouth and Exmouth
  • Football pitches at Withycombe and Sidford


We are responsible for the design and planting of flower and shrub beds and herbaceous borders as well as their general maintenance.

The plants are bought from a contracted nursery, the majority of which can be bought from any quality nursery in East Devon.

We try to include interesting designs which fit the setting and use new initiatives such as edible flower beds, whilst ensuring value for money.


We are responsible for planting and remedial work of the trees in our parks. Otherwise, trees are looked after by our countryside team.


We do not allow slacklines, slackropes or tightropes to be attached to trees in any of parks or gardens.

If you have any questions or need further clarification please call us on 01404 515616.

Dog waste and  fouling

Dog waste bins are emptied three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. If however, you find them full please let us know using the report a full bin form. If you spot a damaged bin please report this to us using our report a broken dog bin form.

Litter bins

If you spot a full litter bin please report this to using the report a full litter bin form and we will arrange for it to be emptied as soon as possible. If you see a damaged litter bin please let us know using the report a broken litter bin form.

Floral displays

If you have a design idea or would like to apply for a floral display (carpet bedding) in one of our parks please email streetscene@eastdevon.gov.uk or write to us:

East Devon District Council Blackdown House,
Border Road,
EX14 1EJ

Grass cutting

Grass is normally cut on an average three week cycle during the growing season.  In ornamental areas, such as public gardens, this will be more frequent. This cycle can be affected by poor weather conditions.

Grass areas are litter picked prior to mowing. On our large open areas we use a ride on mower and the clippings are left on the surface.  These are evenly spread and decompose naturally.  Small hand machines (mowers/strimmers) are used to cut any areas which the larger machine can’t access.  This may not be necessarily be carried out on the same day. 

In high ornamental areas the grass clippings are collected and disposed of for composting.