The Community Right to Bid gives community groups a fairer chance to save assets that are important to them. This could include their:

  • village shop
  • pub
  • community centre
  • recreation ground
  • library
  • children's centre

The right covers private as well as public assets.

We are required to keep lists of theses 'assets of community value'. If an owner of a listed asset wants to sell it they have to notify us. We, in turn, have to notify any interested parties.

If community groups are interested in buying an asset they can use the Community Right to Bid to 'pause' the sale, giving them six months to prepare a bid to buy it before the asset can be sold.

How to nominate

Please fill in a nomination form, making sure all the relevant details are completed. Can you make sure that there is sufficient detail for the nomination to be assessed.

For example:

If nominating a pub, does the pub run morning coffee for a knit and natter group or a curry and beer night, anything that will help support the nomination. It is not good enough to say that it is the last pub in the village. A village hall or community building nomination should include how many groups and how often they use it, are there other community events like quiz or bingo nights that are organised?   When nominating a sports area are there local teams who use it, are there games at weekends or week night training sessions, is it leased or used by the local school?

Making sure that you have supporting evidence is key to a successful nomination.

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Once the nomination form has been validated, you will be notified that the eight weeks consultation period has started.

The owners and any lease holder(s) will also be contacted and have a right to submit a representation on the nomination if they so wish.

A decision is made before the eight week date on whether to list or not.

The nominating group will be notified of the decision along with the owner and/or lease holder(s).

List of successful and unsuccessful nominations

We have had a number of nominations since the government introduced Community Right to Buy in 2012. Find out more about the successful and unsuccessful nominations.