What is a non-material amendment?

A non-material amendment is a minor variation to part of an approved scheme which does not raise any new issues which would otherwise warrant the submission of a fresh planning application, for example, such a change:

  • only has a minimal effect on the overall impact of the originally approved development
  • would not result in a greater detrimental impact on the resulting development or be prejudicial to amenity, including the interests of any third parties
  • would not involve a part of the development which was objected to whilst determining the planning application
  • would not be contrary to any policy of the council
  • would not be restricted by any condition on the planning permission
  • would not have a detrimental impact on the building or the area

What is not a non-material amendment?

  • New windows, openings or enlargements which would result in loss of privacy or amenity to neighbours
  • An extension to the application site
  • Any change in the volume of a new building which would have a material change in its appearance or impact
  • A significant increase in the height of the development
  • Any changes to ground level which would have implications on the site’s characteristics, privacy, amenity
  • Any works which in themselves constitute ‘development’ requiring planning permission
  • Any change to the external materials which would adversely affect the character or appearance of the development or erode the quality of that which was originally approved
  • Any change to regularise a matter resulting from an Enforcement complaint
  • Any change to a grant of listed building consent

The above is not a comprehensive list and each request must be considered on its merits having regard to all relevant circumstances

Before you apply, have you:

  • checked if you need planning permission for the work you want to do
  • found out what you need to supply with an application
  • understood how much it will cost
  • Read the guidance notes for the completion of your application