If you have read the guidance on the Planning Portal, but remain unsure whether planning permission is needed for your proposal, we can give you informal advice.

This will cost you £40 (including VAT) which can be paid online

Please note:  The enquiry will not be actioned without the fee.

If you would like formal advice about whether planning permission is needed for your proposal, you'll need to apply for a lawful development certificate through the  government's Planning Portal. You will have to pay a fee for this - which will vary depending upon the type of development proposed.

If you feel your proposal doesn't need planning permission, you may start works. However, if you carry out works which are not permitted development without necessary consent, you may need to apply for planning permission retrospectively or to remove or alter the works. 

Highways Advice

Responsibility for the maintenance of most public highways, including any pavement or verge, in East Devon is the responsibility of the Highways Department at Devon County Council. Major highways (trunk roads and Motorways), including any pavement or verge, within East Devon are the responsibility of the Highways Agency.

To assist our planners in making decisions on planning applications, as well as to assist people submitting applications, the Devon County Council's Highways department has produced some advice. Statutory Highways advice.

If you are considering undertaking any works which may impact upon a public highway it is recommended that you contact the relevant organisation for advice. In most instances this will be the Highways Department at Devon County Council  or the Highways Agency.