You need planning permission to do certain improvements and building work. You must find out if you need permission before you start.

If you do anything that needs permission, without getting permission, we can give you an 'enforcement notice'. This is an instruction to put the alteration back to how it was originally - a potentially expensive outcome.

We can also give you an enforcement notice if we give you permission to do something in a certain way but you do it differently.

Whether we take this action depends on whether we think the work you have done is unacceptable, harmful or not in the public interest.

If somebody reports a possible breach of planning we will check the planning history of the site concerned to see if the development has already got consent. If it doesn't have consent, we will decide the best course of action - which will probably include a site visit.

The priority we give to such cases is as follows:

Priority 1 - urgent cases where the work is currently taking place and causing serious or lasting harm

Priority 2 - cases where the work causes significant harm to the quality of life of a resident or community, regardless of whether the work has been completed or not

Priority 3 - cases where the work has already been completed and/or is causing no significant harm to a resident or community

Find out more about enforcements and how to appeal on the Planning Portal.