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3. Exmouth Sports Pitch Strategy

The East Devon Playing Pitch Strategy (PPS) identified a significant shortfall of sports pitches in Exmouth to meet current and future demands. A key action of the PPS was therefore to assess options for where new sports pitches could be accommodated. The Exmouth Sports Pitch Strategy is being produced to assess and recommend options for delivering against these identified needs.

Latest news

Consultation on a Draft Exmouth Sports Pitch Strategy took place from Friday 27th May 2016 until 5pm on Friday 8th July 2016. A Consultation Statement has been produced setting out the comments that were received. Further work is ongoing to address a number of issues that were raised during the consultation and a revised draft strategy is expected to be published for consultation in early 2017.

A report detailing the work to date and future work that is required was considered by Strategic Planning Committee on 21/11/2016.

The Draft Exmouth Sports Pitch Strategy consisted of:

The Draft Exmouth Sports Pitch Strategy

 Appendix 1 - Stage 1 sites

Appendix 2 - STRI Stage 1 Report

                        Site assessment sheets

                        Pitch assessment sheets

Appendix 3 - Stage 2 sites

Appendix 4 - Early consultee responses

Appendix 5 - STRI Stage 2 Report

                        St. John's Road (E1)

                         Littleham Primary School (E4)

                         Brixington Primary School (E5)

                        Salterton Road (E9+16)

                        Courtland's Cross (E11)

                        Hulham Road (E12)

                        Land opposite the Archery Club (E19)

                        Former Rolle College playing fields (EC)

                        Warren View (ED) Option 1 and Option 2

                        Raleigh Park (EG)

Appendix 6 - Basic sustainability and suitability assessment

Appendix 7 - Draft recommendations plan

It is important to note that the recommendations in this strategy are not a substitute for planning permission and do not mean that such proposals would necessarily gain planning permission. All planning applications are considered on their own merits against the development plan and any relevant material considerations of which this strategy would be one.

The Council is not obligated to fund or deliver any of these projects, however it will work closely with key partners towards their realisation.