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2. Playing Pitch Strategy

The Playing Pitch Strategy (PPS) is an evidence based document that Sport England recommends Councils produce to guide investment, development and improvement in pitch sport facilities and meet the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework (paragraphs 73 and 74). It will be used to determine planning applications impacting on existing or the need for new sports pitches and guide investment from a range of bodies.

The PPS was adopted by the Council's Cabinet on 17 June 2015 following endorsement by Development Management Committee principally for use in determining planning applications but also corporately across the Council to help inform service delivery and investment priorities.

The adopted East Devon Playing Pitch Strategy 2015 is comprised of:

East Devon Playing Pitch Strategy 2015

Appendix 1 - Needs Assessment

Appendix 2 - Site by site summaries

Appendix 3 - Honiton specific analysis

Appendix 4 - Cranbrook specific assessment

Appendix 5 - Exeter Youth RFC proposed pitch site, Oil Mill Lane

The PPS was accompanied at Cabinet by a Consultation Statement  explaining the consultation that has taken place on the strategy, comments made and responses to them and listing changes from the previous draft to this.

A new Playing Pitch Strategy is in production with completion planned for 2024.