Policy Street naming and numbering policy

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12. Appendix A – Organisations we inform of new or changed addresses

Organisations we inform of new or changed addresses

Valuation Office Agency

Address Development Centre

Plymouth Land Registry Survey Services

Quail Map

West Country Ambulance Service

Devon Fire & Rescue Service

Geographers A-Z Map Company

Devon and Cornwall Constabulary

Devon County Council Highways

plus some of the larger utility companies e.g. British Gas and BT

 Other organisations are informed via the NLPG


Planning Administration, including Land Charges

Electoral Registration

Council Tax 

We require your personal information to provide you with a Street Naming & Numbering service, and will use it to process your enquiry. All information that you provide to us will only be processed in line with the Data Protection Act 2018 , the General Data Protection Regulation and any other applicable legislation. For further information on processing of data please see the website of the relevant authority.

We will retain applicant information (names/telephone numbers/email addresses) for 6 years (for the district councils) and 3 years (for Exeter City Council).

 If you fail to lodge documentation for property name changes etc with your deeds and encounter a problem with conveyancing after the relevant retention time. The council reserve the right to charge for information relating to the sale due to cost implications of researching the site and producing any information which will assist with the sale