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11. Charging for Street Naming and Numbering Process

We will charge for the Street Naming and Numbering Process as specified in Appendix B.

Local Authorities can charge only where they provide a service if they are authorised, but not required, to provide the service.  The charge must not exceed the cost of providing the service. 

For Street Naming and Numbering this charge is for: 

  • renaming existing properties
  • renumbering existing properties
  • alterations in either names or numbers to new developments after initial naming and numbering has been undertaken
  • contacting the bodies listed in Appendix A of new/altered addresses.

These charges have to be paid prior to any changes made.

Changes made without contacting us will not be registered with services and organisations listed in Appendix A. These organisations will not be informed until payment is received.  We cannot be held liable for mail delivery problems caused by failure to inform us of name changes.

 These charges will be reviewed on an annual basis by Strata and new charges approved by the Councils.