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5. Waste

Transporting Waste

Please fill out a waste transfer note for each load of waste you transport to show you are dealing with your waste appropriately.  These need to be kept for two years.

The steps to help you handle your waste correctly can be found here:

Transferring Waste

There are two types of waste transfer note:

  • A single waste transfer note
  • A season ticket waste transfer note – covers multiple transfers over a 12 month period

You can only use a season ticket waste transfer note if the following do not change:

  • The type of waste
  • The site where the waste came from
  • The producer, carrier and waste facility.

Electrical Waste

Please ask your supplier or retailer to take care of your Waste Electrical or Electronic Equipment (WEEE).  There may be a fee.

You can ask the producer to take care of your WEEE free of charge.  For those products bought before 15 August 2005 they will do this if they produced it and you are replacing it with a similar product that they produce.

Waste Batteries

Your supplier or retailer will take back your waste batteries free of charge unless they sell than 32 kilograms each year.  Contact your supplier to find out about battery collection arrangements.

For industrial batteries, the producer has to take these back free of charge up to year after you bought them. After this time the supplier should take them back.

For car batteries, the producer should take them back free of charge.

For further information contact the waste management team on 01395 571515 or visit our contact us page.