How much will the green waste collections cost?

The service will cost £52 for a 12 month subscription.

What if I only want the collection once a month will I still have to pay the full amount?

Yes the service is charged based on an annual subscription for a fortnightly service. We appreciate that at certain times of the year residents may not want to present their wheeled bin for collection.

Can I place extra bags of garden waste next to my full garden waste bin?

Only waste contained in the wheeled bin will be collected. You can subscribe to an extra wheeled bin if you need more capacity.

What happens if my green waste bin gets lost or stolen?

Missing or stolen bins will be replaced free of charge. Please report the missing or stolen bin to our customer services department on 01395 571515.

What happens if my green waste bin gets damaged?

If you damage your green waste wheeled bin please call customer services on 01395 571515 who will order a new one. The cost to replace the bin is £32. If the bin has been damaged by the crew we will replace it free of charge.

I have no green bin – will I have to pay to have one delivered?

For people that subscribe early there will be no charge for the delivery of a bin. The council may introduce a charge for delivery in the future.

Can I use a sack instead of a bin as I have no space?

Initially the council will be only be providing wheeled bins for green waste collections. We may explore other options for residents who have problems storing a wheeled bin in the future.

Can I place soil in there?

No. Soil and other material such as rubble, stones and grit must not be placed in the wheeled bins. Some of these materials may be taken to the household waste recycling centres and this may be chargeable.

How many bins can I have as I have a large garden?

You can have a maximum of three wheeled bins per property. Each bin will be charged at the same annual rate as the first. The subscription period for subsequent bins will have the same end date as the first bin.

If there is a specific reason why you would need to request more than three bins please contact customer services on 01395 571515 to discuss.

Can I just have the service part year, during the growing season?

No. The service is charged based on an annual subscription. We appreciate that at certain times of the year residents may not want to present their wheeled bin for collection.

Can I recycle invasive plants?

Unfortunately we are not able to collect invasive weeds (such as Japanese Knotweed or Himalayan Balsam) or Green Waste with signs of Ash Dieback Disease. For more information about the treatment or disposal of these materials please see

Does the green waste have to be loose in the bin or can it be bagged?

Please place your green waste loose into the wheeled bin. We don't want any sacks in there as the material would be difficult to compost at our disposal site.

Can I place food in my green waste wheeled bin?

Please do not place food waste in the green wheeled bin. Food waste can be placed in your food caddy.
Windfall fruits are considered to be food waste as are vegetables grown in the garden.

Please call customer services if you do not have a food caddy on 01395 571515.

Can I place compostable bags of green waste in my bin?

The disposal site that will take our green waste does not accept compostable sacks at the moment. These sacks take too long to break down and will not have composted sufficiently before being sent to local farms.

Can I place animal bedding in my green waste bin?

Pet bedding must not be placed in your green waste wheeled bin. You can place this in your refuse bin if you have space. If you do not have space please call customer services on 01395 571515.

Can I place broken plant pots in the bin?

Please do not place terracotta, stone or plastic plant pots in the wheeled bins. There materials can be taken to your household waste recycling centre.

Can I place garden furniture in the wheeled bin?

No. Garden furniture may be disposed of at the household waste recycling centre.

Do you offer the service to businesses?

Unfortunately we are not currently able to offer the service to businesses. This is because the disposal point for our green waste is not licensed to take business green waste.

Will you provide the service to my holiday let?

Yes - if you are paying schedule 2 prices for refuse and recycling we can offer the green waste service to holiday let properties. A separate charge will apply for the green waste collection service.

How do I renew my green waste service when my subscription ends?

Customers will be notified when renewals are due. We can do this by email or through the post and customers will have the option to renew online.

What happens if I move house?

If you move to another address within East Devon you can leave your green bin behind at your old property for the new occupants to use or contact us on 01395 571515 if you would like the bin to be removed.

We will not give a refund for any unused period of the 12 month subscription.

Does my council tax cover this service?

No. This is a stand-alone paid for service. Your council tax helps pay towards scores of other services in East Devon including your recycling and waste service. Many councils across the country have introduced a paid for green waste service.

Can I place vegetables or fruit in my green waste bin?

No. Vegetables and fruit can be placed your blue food caddy. If you do not have one or if you need an extra one, please call customer services on 01395 571515.

Can I share a green bin with a neighbour?

Yes you can. East Devon District Council will need one person to pay for and look after that bin. The bin must be presented at the subscription address on collection day.

Can I use my own bin?

No. Only East Devon District Council branded green bins can be used as these are microchipped to individual properties.