Guide Works to East Devon trees

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1. Works to protected trees

An application is needed to carry out works on trees which are protected by Tree Preservation Orders (TPO). TPOs are used to protect trees of a high amenity value or which have significant impact on the environment. TPOs are not intended to prevent reasonable works being carried out on trees but are designed to give us an element of control over works which might detract from the trees vitality and the public’s enjoyment of the local environment.  

To check if a tree has a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) please complete our on-line TPO enquiry form or call our Customer Service team on 01395 571710.

Restrictions on tree works also apply in conservation areas which are designated areas of historical and architectural interest usually centred around towns and villages. To check if a tree is in a conservation area please complete our on-line form 

There will sometimes be conditions attached to planning permissions requiring that trees be retained and safeguarded. Our written consent is also needed for any works on these trees. See our guidance on trees subject to planning conditions

To apply for permission to carry out the removal or pruning of protected trees an application can be submitted using the Planning Portal