23 August 2017 minutes no audio recording due to equiment not being available.

2 August 2017 minutes due to meeting being held in Members Area where there are no microphones available

12 July 2017 minutes no audio recording due to no microphones being set up

7 June 2017 minutes  no audio recording due to the meeting being in Part B

24 May 2017 minutes

12 April 2017 minutes, 12 April 2017 audio recording

29 March 2017 minutes, 29 March 2017 audio recording

22 March 2017 minutes  22 March 2017 audio recording available

11 January 2017 minutes no audio recording as the meeting was held in the committee room which has no recording facility.

Older minutes can be accessed from the Licensing and Enforcement Sub Committee archived agendas and minutes