You can apply for a provisional statement for a premises that you:

  • expect to be constructed
  • expect to be altered or
  • expect to acquire a right to occupy

A provisional statement can be useful if you want to know whether or not it's likely that a premises licence application will be granted for the premises. You can apply for a provisional statement before getting an operating licence from the gambling commission.

If you apply for a provisional statement this will give responsible authorities and any other people the chance to make representations about the application.

If representations are received the application will be heard by the licensing sub-committee. They'll give a decision as to whether, if the premises were built as proposed and a gambling premises licence was applied for, they'd consider it appropriate to:

  • grant the application
  • grant the application with conditions attached to the licence
  • reject the application 

You'll then be sent a provisional statement giving details of the decision. This can be useful if investors want some assurance before providing funds.  

Following the issue of a provisional statement the premises can't be used for gambling activities until a premises licence has been granted. You'll need to apply for a premises licence once you have your operating licence and all other necessary information.

What will happen when I've been granted a provisional statement?

If a provisional statement has been granted you'll still need to apply for a premises licence before you can operate. However, this will be treated slightly differently to an application made by someone who doesn't hold a provisional statement.

If you hold a provisional statement and you make an application for a premises licence we will only take into account any representations received that:

  • relate to matters that could not have been addressed at the provisional statement stage or
  • that relate to a change in the applicants circumstances

Similarly we can only refuse the licence or grant it under different terms to those in the provisional statement if matters arise that:

  • couldn't have been addressed at the provisional statement stage or
  • relate to a change in the applicants circumstances

These restrictions only apply provided that the premises have been built or altered in accordance with the plans and the information given with the provisional statement application. 

How to apply

If you want to do this then you'll need to apply for a provisional statement.


Further guidance about the Gambling Act is in our guide to applying for Gambling Act licences.



 If you have an issue with a gambling premises you can write to us or email us to tell us about this.  

Public register

You can view details of existing gambling premises licences and a list of current applications on our licensing public register.