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7. Review of your Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction

Please complete the online form by clicking on the blue start button.

From time to time we may ask you to complete a form to review your claim. We need to make sure the details we hold about you and your household are correct and up to date.

Please only use this form if we have asked you to

Data Protection

Find out about our Privacy Notices and how we will use information about you

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  • National Insurance numbers for all adults
  • Payslips if you or your partner are employed. These can be sent via email to As we are unable to accept handwritten payslips, please ask your employer to complete a certificate of earnings.
  • Self-employed accounts (latest). If these are not available please complete the self-employed income form.
  • Childcare Charges. If you make regular payments to a registered childcare provider please complete the childcare charges form.
  • Other income. Details of any pensions, benefits or tax credits you or your partner receive.
  • Bank or building society accounts. Up to date balances, even if these are overdrawn. Remember - ISAs, shares and premium bonds.
  • Additional property or land you own in the UK or abroad.

We aim to review your claim within 14 days of you giving us all the information we need.

If evidence is needed, please supply this as quickly as possible. You can now email your evidence to We can accept scanned images or photographs of your evidence.

The quicker you provide the information, the quicker we can review your claim. However, if you don't complete the form or send the evidence within a month, your Council Tax Reduction will stop.