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7. Universal Credit conditions for single people

Only claimants who meet all these conditions can make a claim for UC. The following list has been adapted from page two of the Universal Credit frequently asked questions.

Claimant must

  1. be single and of working age
  2. live at their usual address in an area where UC is available
  3. be a British citizen with a National Insurance number
  4. be fit for work
  5. consider themselves fit for work
  6. have at least one suitable account that DWP can pay the money into (including any form of Credit Union account)
  7. have lived in the UK for the last two years and not have been abroad for more than four weeks continuously during that time

 Claimant must not

  1. be responsible for a child or for a young person under twenty who is in non-advanced education or training
  2. be homeless, in supported or temporary accommodation nor a homeowner
  3. have applied for a fitness for work note
  4. be pregnant nor have given birth within the last fifteen weeks
  5. be receiving JSA, ESA, IS, IB, SDA, DLA or PIP
  6. be awaiting a decision on a claim for JSA, ESA, IS, HB, CTC or WTC
  7. be appealing against a decision of non-entitlement to JSA, ESA, IS or HB
  8. be awaiting the outcome of an application to revise a decision on non-entitlement to JSA, ESA, IS or HB
  9. have any caring responsibilities (such as for a disabled person)
  10. be self-employed, a company director or part of a liability partnership
  11. be in education or on a training course of any kind
  12. have a person acting on their behalf over the claim
  13. live in the same household as a member of the regular or reserve forces
  14. be required to pay child maintenance via the Child Support agency
  15. have savings in excess of £6,000
  16. be an approved foster parent (even if they currently have no foster children)
  17. be expecting to adopt a child in the next two months
  18. expect to receive take home pay of more than £338 in the next month
  19. expect to receive any earnings from self-employment in the next month