Guide A guide to arranging a burial

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8. Exclusive right of burial

Most grave and ashes plots in our cemeteries may be purchased by means of exclusive right of burial.

An exclusive rights certificate lasts for 50 years and allows the owner to guarantee a burial or ashes plot for themselves or another nominated person.  Monuments may only be placed on a grave when the owner has purchased an exclusive rights certificate for that plot.  The exclusive rights certificate will specify who owns it, the grave number and cemetery to which it applies.

An exclusive rights certificate will remain the property of the purchaser and may be bequeathed in a will to another person. 

To purchased the exclusive right of burial please contact the bereavement service by email: or post: Cemeteries Registrar, East Devon District Council, Blackdown House, Border Road, Heathpark Industrial Estate, Honiton, EX14 1EJ.  The cost of purchase of exclusive right of burial can be found on our list of  fees .