Guide Building control FAQ's

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1. When I submit an application, what will happen?

Once you have submitted either a full plans or building notice application to the council, you must give the council at least 2 days notice before actually starting the work on site. In the case of a full plans application, it is best to wait until your plans have been passed before starting the work, although this is not essential.

With a building notice, you do not get an 'approval' or an 'approved plan'. If you are borrowing money for the work, your Building Society or Bank may ask for an approval notice. Your solicitor may suggest that you obtain full plans approval. Your builder may prefer or require plans for estimating and building.

The councils current policy for notification is 24 hours, though we will endeavour to visit the site on the same day where the request is made before 9.30am.

Failure to notify the council at the required stages may mean that the completion certificate can not be issued.

Inspections can be made by telephoning 01395 517482. Please have your building control reference number ready when you call.