This method is more suited to smaller projects such as internal alterations, small extensions etc. Although you can build a house using this method it is not recommended due to the complexity of recent revisions to the Building Regulations.

You cannot use a building notice where the building has a designated use - for example, hotels and boarding houses, factory, office or shop.

An approval notice will not be given for a building notice.

The building notice fee is 20% higher than the combined full plans fee. The building notice charge is payable when the notice is deposited with the council. Please refer to our scale of charges for more information .

You will need to notify us when your work is about to start on site and again when your work reaches different stages (Please refer to our inspection service plan for more information). We will then visit site and inspect. We will carry out a final inspection when the work has been completed and as long as we are happy that the work complies with the Building Regulations, we will issue you with a completion certificate.

You can submit an application by using our online form, or you can contact us on 01395 517482 or for other options.