When you submit a full plans application, the local authority will check your plans and consult appropriate authorities (such as the Fire Service or water companies).

If your plans comply, you will receive a notice that they have been passed. If the local authority is not satisfied, you may be asked to make amendments or provide more details. Alternatively, a conditional approval may be issued. If your plans are rejected, the reasons will be stated in the notice.

A Full Plans application involves a two-stage payment, one when you submit your plans (plan charge) and one following first inspection on site (inspection charge).

You will need to notify us when your work is about to start on site and again when your work reaches different stages (you will be advised of these stages when your application is made valid). We will then visit site and inspect. We will carry out a final inspection when the work has been completed and as long as we are happy that the work complies with the building regulations, we will issue you with a completion certificate.

You can submit an application by using our online form or you can contact us on 01395 517482 or for other options.