Policy About the Poverty reduction strategy

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12. Conclusions and action plan

Poverty prevention and alleviation is a priority for the Council. We will use our powers     and influence to improve the quality of life for our residents by implementing an ambitious strategy and action plan of measures to improve lives.

We will align our services towards poverty alleviation and ensure that our activities are coordinated, effective and have a positive impact.

We will measure and monitor our actions, refining our commitments as we learn and listen to the needs of our communities.

We have set ourselves a challenging ambitious agenda, but with determination and a consistent focus we are confident that we will succeed.

We have drawn up an action plan supporting this strategy which outlines our key actions to be taken and the outcomes expected from each.

Poverty reduction strategy - An action plan 2021 onwards

East Devon Poverty Strategy Action Plan: annual review of progress 2022-23

Poverty Action Plan 2023-24