Policy About the Poverty reduction strategy

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6. Our five strategic objectives

The three themes set out above are woven through five strategic objectives with lead Services identified:

  1. Helping people on low incomes to maximise their household income and minimise their costs, building financial resilience and reducing indebtedness. Lead Service – Finance.
  2. Strengthening families and communities, including supporting groups of people that are more likely to experience poverty, and community and voluntary groups working to combat poverty. Lead Service – Housing.
  3. Promoting an inclusive economy, by raising skills and improving access to a range of employment opportunities for people on low incomes. Lead Service – Growth, Development & Prosperity.
  4. Addressing the high cost of housing, improving housing conditions, creating affordable warmth and reducing homelessness. Lead Service – Housing.
  5. Improving health outcomes for people on low incomes, including access to good diet, health care and ill health prevention. Lead Service – Environmental Health.

The rationale for each objective, and the key activities we will undertake to help achieve each, is set out below and in the Action Plan.  For each objective, we set out how the activity fits within our underpinning theme of balancing actions which are within the council’s direct delivery; which will be developed and delivered in partnership; and which we will lobby Government and others to deliver.