Policy Complaints procedure

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2. Making a complaint

Any complaint about the conduct of a Councillor should made using the Councillor Complaint Form online.

How to fill in the form

It is very important that you complete the form fully giving as much detail as possible as insufficient information may result in the complaint not progressing. The name of the Councillor (Subject Member) and the relevant paragraphs of the Code of Conduct that it is felt they have breached should be included together with a description of the event/actions that led to the breach. Relevant evidence (such as email exchanges, witness accounts or recordings) to support the alleged breach should be referenced / provided.

For example if you felt a Councillor acting in his or her official capacity had acted inappropriately, you would explain what had transpired, provide written or video footage if applicable as evidence and list the below paragraph from the Code of Conduct:

5. You must not –

(h) conduct yourself in a manner or behave in such a way so as to give a reasonable person the impression that you have brought your office or the Council into disrepute.


Potential Complainants are encouraged to explore whether the matter can be resolved without the need to submit a formal complaint under this process and also encouraged to think about the outcomes and / or remedy they are seeking.  

Complaints submitted online will be acknowledged immediately. If submitted by any other means, we will acknowledge your complaint within five working days.

Reasonable adjustments can be made to assist anyone who has a disability that prevents a complaint being made online. Please contact the Monitoring Officer on 01395 517535 to obtain further assistance or via email monitoringofficer@eastdevon.gov.uk.

Complaints by District Councillors

Under the Council’s Constitution East Devon District Councillors should consult with the Monitoring Officer before making any complaint against another District or Town / Parish Councillor.