Policy Complaints procedure

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9. Standards Hearing Sub-Committee Stage 5

Meetings of the Hearing Sub-Committee will generally be held in public unless the Subject Member persuades the hearing that there are legitimate reasons for holding the Hearing in confidential session.

The Hearing Sub-Committee will be drawn from members of the Standards Committee as detailed in the Council’s Constitution. There is a written procedure to be followed by the Hearing Sub-Committee which is contained at Appendix 4

To seek to protect the principles of natural justice, no member may sit on a Hearing Sub-Committee if they sat on the Assessment Sub-Committee that considered the complaint initially, save where through conflicts of interest it is not otherwise possible to convene a panel of members to sit.

The Independent Investigator will present their report to the Hearing Sub-Committee and the Subject Member, the Complainant and Independent Person will be able to make representations to the Hearing Sub Committee members before the Sub-Committee decides whether there has been a breach of the Code of Conduct and what, if any, sanctions are appropriate.

Decision notices from hearings are published on the Council’s website.

Normally a Standards Hearing Sub-Committee will be held within six weeks of the outcome from the preceding stage.