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3. Avoiding recovery action

If you tend to forget to pay each month why not consider Direct Debit?

If Direct Debit is not for you, other quick ways to pay are online or by calling 03447 369 631. 

  • If you have had a reminder issued to you, make sure you bring the account up to date immediately to avoid recovery action escalating
  • Having a summons issued against you can be distressing, but remember that making and keeping to an acceptable payment arrangement will stop any further action being taken. At the court hearing we will still ask for a liability order and £10 additional costs as a guarantee but take no further action provided you pay the arrangement
  • Payment of the summonsed balance including costs before the court date means that no liability order needs to be requested, so your name will not be put before the magistrates
  • It is still possible to make an arrangement after a liability order is granted against you, but contacting us earlier - as soon as a summons is received - will give you more time to pay on an arrangement, and should cut down on the paperwork issued to you

Please be aware that the granting of a liability order does give us the legal power to take further recovery action in the form of either:

  • attachment orders to certain kinds of benefit or earnings
  • referral to an enforcement agent
  • the instigation of bankruptcy proceedings

It is extremely important to keep to payment arrangements made with us.