If your Council Tax account is in credit we can:

  • transfer the money to another Council Tax account or
  • refund by BACs

Please complete the online form by clicking on the blue start button

You may not be able to have a credit transfer or refund if you have other Council Tax and business rates debts or overpaid Housing Benefit with us.

If the Council Tax was paid by Direct Debit the refund will usually be paid back into the bank account the payment(s) were from.

Before you start

Only complete this form if:

  • you are named on the bill or
  • you have written permission/legal authority to act for someone named on the bill and have provided evidence of this. The legal authority could be through a Power of Attorney, the Court of Protection or an authority to discuss.

Data Protection

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Reclaim overpaid Council Tax - The property - Section 1 - Self (achieveservice.com)