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10. By-Elections

If a councillor leaves their seat during the course of their term, a casual vacancy occurs. This could be due to the resignation of a councillor, the passing away of a councillor, the disqualification (or ceasing to be qualified) of a councillor, or a failure to take up office.

When a councillor's seat becomes vacant the Town/Parish clerk will notify East Devon District Council. The clerk will display a 'notice of a casual vacancy' in the parish area. The notice explains that a by-election can be called by a request made in writing to the District Council's proper officer by 10 electors from the parish area, within 14 working days of the date of the notice. If a by-election is called it must be held within 60 days of the notice. 

If you  provide a signature on the petition, or write to us to request an election you should be  aware of the following information:

Personal data that you provide on this form, including your name and address, will be used by EDDC for the purpose of carrying out our obligations in respect of requests for, and the calling and running of, elections, referenda and polls. We will use your contact details to communicate with you in relation to this process. Your details may also be accessible to the public through publication of election notices where requested which are permitted by through relevant legislation. For more detail about how we will process your personal data, you can access a copy of our privacy notice here elections-aministration-of-elections.pdf (

Form to request a by-election to fill a casual vacancy