Guide Employing children

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3. Prohibited employment

No child can be employed in any of the following:

  • Any work involving exposure to harmful or dangerous substances or processes (including fuel oils, poisons, chemicals)
  • Work with any prescribed dangerous machine
  • Kitchens of any commercial enterprise
  • Places licensed for games or in any registered club
  • The sale or delivery of intoxicating liquors (except where such liquors are sold exclusively in sealed containers)
  • Places of public entertainment.
  • Tobacco sales
  • Collecting/sorting rags, refuse, scrap materials
  • Fairgrounds
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Racing tracks
  • Where heavy strain is likely to cause the child injury
  • Window cleaning where any part of the window is more than 3 metres above ground floor level
  • In touting or selling door to door
  • Street trading
  • Milk delivery