Guide Employing children

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2. Work permits

Under these regulations any child who helps in a trade or occupation, even if they are family members and/or don't get paid for it, are deemed to be employed. If you employ children they must have a work permit, which you must complete and send to Devon County Council.

Within one week of employing a child an employer has a legal responsibility to send to Devon County Council written notification of the employment.

An employer must keep a written record (including name, address, date of birth, occupation and hours of work) relating to every child employed.

If you do not have a work permit for the child, they probably will not be covered by any of your insurances.

If you do not comply with the byelaws you can be prosecuted and receive a fine of up to £1,000.

Application forms and more information on this must be sought from Devon County Council at 0345 155 1019.