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3. Undertaking a mutual exchange

You may find that a mutual exchange may be quicker than waiting for a transfer. You can swap your home with another council or housing association tenant providing both landlords agree.

It is up to you to find someone who is also looking to swap. Once you have found another tenant and agreed the move in principle, then you must seek our permission. It is very important that you do not move until you have approval in writing. Once a formal application has been received we have six weeks to make the decision.

An exchange may be refused if:

  • one of the tenants is in rent arrears
  • one of the tenants is under notice to leave the property
  • the properties are too big or too small for the people intending to move there
  • one of the properties is designated for elderly or disabled persons

With a mutual exchange, you will be asked to accept the property in the condition it has been left in by the previous tenant. We will carry out routine repairs in accordance with the tenancy agreement but no demand can be made for specific work to be undertaken as a condition of accepting the exchange.

We carry out health and safety checks as part of the approval process.  These include checks on the gas and electricity supplies, and the energy efficiency of the property.  From 1 January 2016 we will charge £50 to undertake an electrical check and £100 to undertake both electrical and gas checks.

However it is your responsibility to undertake any repairs not covered by the tenancy agreement; these include the repairs and maintenance of any alterations or additions made by previous tenants, and any defects which have arisen due to misuse or neglect of the property.

To add your home to the register you need to visit HomeSwapper. Registration is free to East Devon District Council tenants.

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