Guide Duty to Refer

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4. How to refer someone to us

All local authorities in Devon have agreed to use the same system for referring people. This should make it simpler for our partners and other public services to refer.

The system we are using is called ALERT. This is a free-to-use tool which has been provided to all local authorities for making referrals including those submitted under the Duty to Refer.

The first time you use the ALERT system you will be asked to create an account. Once this has been done you will just need to login to make referrals going forward.

You may wish to supply us with supporting information or evidence relating to a referral to aid the assessment process. This can be done by emailing the documents to

Please note that you must use the ALERT system to complete a referral before sending us any additional documents. We are required to delete any documents sent to us without a referral as we cannot store documents without having evidence of the person's consent to do so.