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3. Local Connection criteria

Local connection details

If someone is homeless then there is likely to be a relief duty owed by the local authority where that person has a local connection.

Someone is defined as having a local connection to an area if they have:

  • lived in that area for six of the last twelve months
  • lived in that area for three out of the last five years
  • permanent employment in the area
  • strong family connection in the area (as long as the family member has lived in the area for a minimum of 5 years). Strong family connection is usually restricted to, mother, father, brother, sister or adult child, although other family members may be considered in exceptional circumstances

Local connection to an area does not apply if the person is in prison or an institution in that area unless one of the criteria above applies.

Local connection requirements may be disregarded in cases where a person is fleeing violence and is at risk in that area.

If someone is at risk of homelessness but is currently in accommodation, EDDC may owe a prevention duty regardless of whether they have local connection to that area.