Guide HMO Licensing application form guidance

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6. Section 3 - Managers details

This section need only be completed in cases where the manager of the property is neither the Licensee or an Owner – for example if the property is managed on the Licensee’s behalf by a managing agent.

If a company or partnership manages the property a named employee/partner responsible for the management will be required to satisfy the ‘fit and proper’ person check.

3.2 - 3.11- This must be completed by the appointed manager           

  • Please refer to the notes in Proposed Licence Holder above as these are relevant to this module especially
  • Fit and Proper person check and Management and Financial Resources.

If the named individual is the manager for more than one property in East Devon the manager only needs to complete the ‘Fit and Proper’ person check on one application as long as a list of the other properties within his/her management portfolio is provided with the form.