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8. Establishing Holiday Accommodation, Caravan, Camping Sites or Short Term Lets

Please contact the Environmental Health Private Water Supplies team on 01395 571572 or email if you are planning or in the process of, establishing new holiday accommodation, including a caravan and camping site or short term let, which is to be connected to a private water supply. So that we can give you more advice on risk assessments; sampling and supplies.

For further information we recommend you visit the Drinking Water Inspectorate’s webpages on private supplies. And engage the services of a water engineer to assess the suitability of your supply for this commercial purpose to ensure there is a sufficient supply and to design a suitable treatment system.

Holiday accommodation or short term lets are considered commercial activity under Regulation 9 of the Private Water Regulations (England) 2016 (as amended). They require routine risk assessment every 5 years and annual water sampling.

Sampling must be carried out and the results verified by UKAS accredited samplers prior to the first public use of the new holiday accommodation.

Please note that planning permission is required for a holiday let if a change of use is proposed and for caravans and camping sites. Health and Safety regulations need to be met before commercial activities can commence and more information is available from EDDC Environmental Health Commercial team. Caravan and campsite may need licensing please contact or call 01395 571572

More information on Regulation 9 private water supplies can be found on the Drinking Water Inspectorate website