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9. Insufficiency of private water supplies

Managing insufficiency of private water supplies - Drinking Water Inspectorate (

East Devon District Council doesn’t offer any kind of drinking water delivery or storage service. Drinking water is available in a bulk delivery from commercial companies.

 If your private water supply isn’t providing enough water then you will need to look at alternative sources which could include:

  • Bottled water
  • A neighbour that may be able to provide water from their supply
  • Connection to mains water if this is available in your area
  • Bulk delivery of water from a commercial company

Make sure the water quality is suitable for your needs – you may need to boil the water before use.

If you are a food business operator with a private water supply you must ensure that you have an adequate and suitable supply of water for cleaning, hand washing and safe food preparation.

If your water supply regularly runs dry or does not provide sufficient water, we would recommend you get advice from a water company about options for the future or consider connecting to mains if it’s available in your area.

If other properties use the same water supply, ensure they are aware of the problem so that all users can take steps to save water.

Tips for saving water. Save 5 litres (