Guide Private Water Supplies

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6. Investigation and action in an event of a failure

All water quality failures must be immediately investigated to determine the cause and whether it was produced by the condition of the distribution system. Remedial action will be required by the responsible person.

The regulations require the Council to take enforcement action. The Council will serve a Notice to prohibit or restrict the use of water if it could be harmful to health.

If the water is unwholesome, but not necessarily a risk to health we can allow the supply holder up to 28 days to rectify the problem and provide informal guidance. If unsuccessful or the supply holder takes no action, formal action must be taken by the Council.

Notices will be served to improve or restrict supplies where there is a risk to health, water is unwholesome or insufficient. Failure to comply with the notices may result in either works in default or prosecution in a Magistrates Court.

Supply holders or responsible persons that have been served a statutory Notice do have the right to appeal to the Magistrates Court or to the Secretary of State depending on the type of Notice served and details will be provided on the Notice.

We recommend that supply holder or responsible persons engages and consults with a suitably qualified and experienced water engineer in the event of failures and contamination of supplies.