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3. What our tenancy agreement says

Our tenancy agreement has clear guidelines around the keeping of pets in council properties.  Tenants must keep to the requirements set out in our tenancy agreement (Clause 4.8)      

Responsible pet owners have a duty of care to make sure that any pets they have are suitable for the type of property and that the needs of the pets are adequately provided for.  

Tenants therefore must make sure that any pet has a suitable environment with room to exercise, is kept securely where they cannot escape, and is provided with suitable food and fresh water.  Pets must be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease. 

Tenants must keep all pets under proper control at all times.  They must not allow excessive barking by dogs, or noise from other animals.  All garden areas must be kept free of animal faeces and tenants must not allow their dogs to foul on other people’s property or in shared areas.

You must not install any type of pet flap or exit without our prior written permission – we cannot allow these items to be fitted in any fire rated door, window or wall

Dog owners must make sure that all their dogs are microchipped.