As soon as you move in we need to make sure we have some information about you, your health and any relatives and friends who could help you in an emergency. 

We will ask you this and store it on our computer system so that it is available to the Mobile Support Officers (MSOs) and operators if they need it in an emergency. 

All the information you give to us is held in confidence and will only be accessed by MSOs, operators or relevant emergency service when they are carrying out their duty of care towards you.

We will ask you:

  • your contact details (address, phone number, email address)
  • your doctor’s name and contact details
  • information about your medical history and any disabilities you may have
  • details of someone local who we can contact if you need help (but don’t worry if you have no one nearby who can do this)
  • your next-of-kin and their contact details
  • the number of your key safe

It is your responsibility and very important that you keep us informed of all changes to any of the information above so we can get someone to you quickly and tell them about you.