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5. Garden standard

We will:

  • Clear all rubbish and excessive vegetation from the garden. When you move in the upkeep and maintenance of the garden becomes your responsibility.
  • Remove items such as ponds, ornaments, sheds, greenhouses, lean-tos and conservatories - unless they are in good condition, serviceable and safe. If any such items are in a good and safe condition we will have offered these to you at the accompanied viewing. If you decided to keep any of them you will have signed a form agreeing that they are now your responsibility, including their maintenance and disposal.
  • Make sure that any post and wire fencing to any boundaries that are our responsibility are in good order. You are responsible for the repair and maintenance of all wooden or other types of fencing.
  • Make sure that paths and steps leading to front and rear entrance doors are free from trip hazards and excessive moss and that all entrance gates are serviceable.
  • Make sure all flat balconies are clear and free from trip hazards and excessive moss.