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Guide Self-build and custom build

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6. Monitoring

We are required to grant enough permissions to meet the level of demand indicated on our self-build register. Further details are available in our  first self-build monitoring report (covering 30/03/16 - 30/10/17) and our second self-build monitoring report (covering 31/10/17 - 30/10/18).

Numbers on the East Devon Register

Demand on the self-build register is measured against an annual 'base period'.  The first base period begins on the day on which the register is established and ends on 30 October 2016.  Each subsequent base period is the period of 12 months beginning immediately after the end of the previous base period.  The numbers on our register for the relevant base periods is shown below:

Base Period Number on Part 1 Number on Part 2
30/03/16 - 30/10/16 32 0
31/10/16 - 30/10/17 40 3
31/10/17 - 30/10/19 9 9
31/10/18 - 31/10/19 19 10