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2. Request for large item collection

Please note:

  • Items must be placed outside by 6am on the day of collection please.
  • Items must be made accessible at the front of the property for collection
  • We do not collect commercial items or items from commercial properties
  • We can take no more than 4 domestic fridges or freezers

Before filling in the online form for the collection of large items, please make sure you have checked the items we accept and those that we don't accept.

We can only collect from residential properties in the East Devon district.

Please make sure you aware of how much the service will cost.

There may be some alternatives to having a large item collection.

Data Protection

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  • Debit or credit card
  • Address details
  • List of items that need removing
  • Details of collection day will be displayed
  • Confirmation of payment will be emailed to you